School Days

April 29, 2016  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on School Days

The school term is well under way at St. Adrian Kindergarten and Junior School and we have some very happy students enjoying working and playing hard together!

We wanted to share these images of the children in their new sports kit playing in the sunshine, and to give you a peek of the inside of their classrooms now the walls have been decorated with lots of fun learning material.

We are really happy to see everything up and running and lots of smiling faces at the school, and wish them a successful first term.



School Furniture Update

April 29, 2016  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on School Furniture Update

Things are almost ready at the new school for the children to start their lessons.

The brightly coloured classroom furniture has recently been delivered and everyone is pitching in to make sure the rooms are decorated and furnished in time for the opening.

We also have school uniforms ready for the children and have received new mattresses for the dormitories as well as tables, chairs, and even a new reception desk.






We can’t wait for the children to see their new classrooms!

School Building Completed!

January 5, 2016  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on School Building Completed!


We are so excited to say that the school building at Kyasira Home of Hope is now complete and preparations are being made ready for the school’s official opening in February.

We have furniture on it’s way but the children are already enjoying making use of the space as you can see from the pictures below.

Although lessons will start next month the classroom has been used for singing and dancing and as somewhere to enjoy lunch time.

We can’t wait to see the rooms set up and ready for class!

Kyasira Update – School Construction

November 10, 2014  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on Kyasira Update – School Construction

We are delighted to provide an update regarding the construction of the school at Kyasira Orphanage. The school is now firmly under construction with the foundations and first level of walling now complete.

The school will accommodate 280 children once it is completed including free education for any of the orphans who do not currently go to school. As you can see from the pictures the “ground breaking ceremony” was conducted by the Archbishop of Kampala Cyprien Lwanga and our builders swiftly got to work on the first phase of construction. We are hoping to have the school operational before Easter 2015 and will provide ongoing updates as pictures become available.


Kyasira School Latest Update

April 14, 2015  |  Projects  |  Comments Off on Kyasira School Latest Update

We are so pleased to be able to give you an update on the school at the Kyasira Orphanage, which thanks to the money raised at last years DFNI Ball is coming along brilliantly.

As you can see, the walls have been built and construction on the roof is well under way.




With the addition of new animals the Orphanage is managing to be self sufficient which is something that is extremely important to them.


The children are very excited about the school being completed and are looking forward to making new friends when it opens later this year.

The school will provide free education for the orphans and has places for almost 300 children to attend from the local area.

The work being done to help these children is so appreciated and all the money that has been raised will make a real difference in their lives.

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The ABC Trust would like to thank everyone who is helping to support this project and will keep sharing the progress in Kyasira.