School Opening!


The ABC Trust is so pleased to announce that St. Adrian Kindergarten and Junior School in Kyasira is now open.

On opening day there were already 58 children in the school and there are 13 more children registered to start soon making a total of 71 children for Term 1 2016.



Adrian Visits Uganda



This summer Adrian was able to visit Uganda with his family to check on the work being done for the new school.

The ABC Trust are so pleased to be able to announce that the building is almost complete and the school is scheduled to be up and running in February with twice the number of children we initially planned!


I set off to Uganda with four kids in tow to open our new school. We knew that it wasn’t fully ready to be occupied but were excited to see the building and understand what finishing touches might be required. 
On arrival we met the builder and saw his staff painting the classrooms,  I was delighted with the building,  it is a large first class school building in Ugandan terms. I did identify that no kitchen facilities had been provided so we are likely to be called on to complete things with a kitchen and internal furniture,  desks etc. However I’m sure you would agree that the pictures testify to the fact that we’ve successfully delivered a school alongside our orphanage. 
With regards to the orphanage I was delighted to see another matching building when we visited,  an American priest had seen our work and raised the funds to double its capacity providing an entirely new dormitory,  so our original building houses the boys and the new one the girls! 

Adrian 2


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