Rachel answers our questions

Adrian & Rachel Buckley recently returned to The Kyasira Home Of Hope to break ground on their new project building a school for the orphanage, we asked Rachel a few questions about the experience.

What was is like to visit The Kyasira Home Of Hope one year on?

It was very exciting. We were expecting to see changes but were amazed at how different things were.

What has changed at The Kyasira Home Of Hope in the past year?

Everything! The children are healthy and well fed. They are full of smiles. The surrounding farmland has been well cultivated and the livestock is very well managed indeed. The children eat fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs along with chicken and fish. They have enough left over to make a small profit for the orphanage. The locals are coming to our orphanage to get clean water because they don’t have this facility.  They have cows for milk too which they have in porridge every morning.

What would you say that your favourite thing about this trip was?

Seeing the children and talking to them. Making an overnight difference. We fixed the damaged electrics so the children could read and use computers at night after school. We bought a pump which feeds an irrigation system and a new toilet block.

We also enjoyed buying a tractor to help on the farm…who knows what we will see on our next trip?

How much impact will providing a new school have on the children’s futures?

It will change their lives forever. They will be able to work in a well paid job. They have a future.

Is there anything else that you’d like to say about your trip?

We can’t wait to go back to open the school. We are so impressed at how quickly and well the nuns have worked to effect change.