Return to Uganda – One Year On

Dr livingstone I presume! The view of Lake Victoria. Winston Churchill described Uganda as ‘the Pearl of Africa’ he wasn’t wrong, 24-28 degrees 12 months a year with adequate rainfall, three harvests a year of many food crops, yet it remains grindingly poor.








Adrian & Rachel Buckley have returned to Uganda to see the orphanage the ABC Trust built in 2013 and planning is well underway for the building of the new school.

The kids at Kyasira looking much happier and healthier than on our last visit. The hens now ensure ensure that each child gets at least four eggs per week, the cows we supplied ensure that they eat porridge made with milk daily, all the roosters are slaughtered to provide meat along with pork from the revamped piggery. We are so pleased with the progress but much remains to be done!

Thando was such a cheeky lovely little chap, the youngest kid at the orphanage, we asked about his circumstances and were told that he arrived with his older brother Tom. His dad was killed in a motorcycle accident and his mother is ill with HIV. Sadly Tom has HIV but cheeky Thando is healthy and infection free.








We will be documenting the trip in the coming weeks.